Boris Brejcha, Amelie Lens, Victoria Mussi
Boris Brejcha, Amelie Lens, Victoria Mussi

DJ Victoria Mussi announces techno EP Skins

JUJUKA is welcoming Paraguay’s finest electronic music producer and DJ – Victoria Mussi.

Heavily inspired by the symmetry of urban and industrial aesthetics, Victoria Mussi proposes a sound spectrum where the classic components of house merge with the futuristic essence and bold kinetic power of techno.

The “Skins” EP showcases her fascinating ability to twist frequencies and rhythm in the most unpredictable way. Reflective labels and the times we are living in! 

Victoria Mussi is one of the driving forces of Paraguay’s underground scene, Victoria runs “InBetween”  (label/radio/events) and nightclub Tango in her hometown Asunción. Her work has been featured on DJ Mag, Boiler Room, Resistance, Mixmag Lab, The Lot Radio, Rinse FM, Unter, Pornceptual & Buttons

Follow Victoria Mussi:

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