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Interview with prolific techno producer HEVI LEVI

Israeli producer HEVI LEVI has returned with another eclectic and pulsating melodic-techno track in ‘Back Room’, released on the 6th of October via his own record label Joy Group. The accompanying music video features artist Nora Solomon creating a painting to the track. HEVI LEVI is no stranger to the scene, having performed in underground clubs and at some of the biggest music festivals around the world, namely Tomorrowland, Laundry Day, Escape, Sensation, Space, Futurami, IT, Ministry Of Sound, ADE, Pacha and many more. He’s also received international support from publications such as Mixmag Brasil, Mixmag Caribbean, Techno Mood, Electronic Groove, Only Techno, Vicious Magazine, House Music With Love, T.H.E Music Essentials, We Rave You, and EDM Nations. In addition to this, his music has aired on BBC Radio 6‘s Nemone sitting in for Mary Anne Hobbs, KCRW’s Metropolis with Jason Bentlet, Ibiza Sonica Radio and Miami Encode Radio, to name but a few. Inspired by greats such as Faithless, Depeche Mode, and Rüfüs Du Sol, his musical style is deeply reminiscent of artists like Kevin de Vries, ARTBAT, and Saint Vie. Read our interview with him below.

Walk us through your creative process?

My music production journey begins with the scribbles in my trusty notebook. It’s here that I pour out my creative ideas, letting them take shape on the page. Once these concepts start to form, I head over to my piano, where I seek out the perfect harmonies and melodies. The piano serves as my canvas, allowing me to paint musical landscapes that resonate with my vision. Next, I transition to the digital realm, particularly Cubase, where my DJ instincts come to the forefront. The dance floor is my muse, and I’m deeply influenced by the energy of the crowd. This is where I let my DJing skills take the reins, sculpting the structure of the track. I instinctively know when to introduce new instruments, when it’s time for a break to build anticipation, or when to unleash a powerful drop to send the crowd into a frenzy. Every decision I make in this phase is guided by the groove, the emotional connection, and the narrative of the music. I thrive on the drama, ensuring that each element of the track contributes to the story I’m telling through sound. Only when I feel that the story, the music, and the structure are in perfect harmony do I dive into the intricate process of refining the sound. This is where I fine-tune every detail, ensuring that the sonic experience matches the artistic vision that initially sparked in my notebook. It’s a meticulous process that transforms the raw ideas into a polished track, ready to captivate audiences on the dance floor and beyond.

What has been the most defining moment of your musical career? 

One of the most unforgettable moments in my music journey was when I had the privilege of performing at one of Europe’s grandest festivals in 2015. During my set, as the chorus of a song I had penned in the intimacy of my own bedroom started playing, I decided to filter down the sound. To my sheer amazement and joy, the entire crowd joined in unison, singing along to the heartfelt lyrics that had emerged from my very soul just a few months prior. The overwhelming emotions that washed over me at that moment are indescribable; it was a surreal and profound realisation that my music had connected so deeply with thousands of people. It is an experience that will forever be etched in my heart and continues to motivate and inspire me in my musical endeavours.

What equipment or software are you using the most?

I primarily utilize the following equipment and software in my music production:

Piano: I use it as the core instrument for composing harmonies and melodies.

Cubase: This digital audio workstation serves as the central platform for arranging, mixing, and refining my compositions.

Moog and Roland Synthesizers: These synthesizers provide unique analog and digital soundscapes, enhancing the sonic depth and texture of my music. Each component in my setup plays a distinct role in shaping my music, allowing me to create a diverse range of sounds and textures in my productions.

Whats your performance setup looking like?

My performance setup consists of four Pioneer CDJ 3000 NX decks and a Pioneer V10 mixer. Lately, I’ve been working on adding live instruments to my sets for a more dynamic and engaging performance.

Who are your biggest inspirations at the moment?

I draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of everyday life that surrounds me. It’s not confined to a specific muse or moment but rather a continuous flow of stimuli that fuels my creativity. The songs of birds, for instance, often provide a soothing and natural soundtrack to my thoughts. Their melodies can be whimsical or melancholic, and I find that their rhythms and patterns have an uncanny way of syncing with the cadence of my own ideas. Traffic, on the other hand, is a chaotic symphony of sounds and movements. It’s a microcosm of life’s hustle and bustle. The honking of horns, the rush of engines, and the ebb and flow of vehicles all contribute to a cacophony that, oddly enough, can be a wellspring of inspiration. It reflects the rhythms of human existence, the constant push and pull of our daily lives. Conversations, too, are a treasure trove of ideas. Whether I’m engaged in deep philosophical discussions or simply overhearing snippets of strangers’ dialogues, words and stories hold immense power. They convey emotions, experiences, and perspectives that can ignite my imagination. In essence, I find that my creative process is an ongoing dialogue with the world around me. It’s a dance between the mundane and the extraordinary, the chaotic and the serene. These everyday elements become the raw materials that I shape into the art and music I create, weaving the essence of life into every note and word.

Whats your favourite way to pass the time? Any hobbies?

I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to my career as an artist, leaving no room for traditional hobbies. In fact, I invest my full energy, passion, and commitment into both my artist career and my record label, Joy Records, as well as our Tn1! brand. These endeavours are not just pursuits; they are my life’s work and my source of endless inspiration and fulfilment.

Whats next for you as an artist?

I’m working on my unique collaboration with the talented painter Nora Solomon. With every new track I release, Nora creates a captivating painting that visually interprets and complements the music. This fusion of music and art adds a new layer of depth and creativity to my work, and I’m eager to see how this partnership continues to evolve and inspire both our audiences. I also have some exciting remixes and collaborations in the pipeline, ready to burst into the music scene. These projects promise to bring fresh perspectives and innovative sounds to my repertoire, and I can’t wait to unveil them to my fans and I’m also starting to tour more and more for my shows.



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