Joris Delacroix, Stephan Bodzin, Ben Bohmer and Jan Blomqvist

DJ Joris Delacroix ventures into the world of techno

Now, dear reader, many people might not know it but we trust that you do: techno is diverse. Whether you’re chilling out to ambient techno, going hard with industrial techno or even just letting your freak flag fly with IDM, you’re always going to find some new gems. Take Joris Delacroix for instance, making his way from his home of house music and exploring new avenues in our world. 

Stream / Download: ‘Homie’

While his latest single, ‘Homie’ is a little more chilled than what you usually might expect to find here, it highlights the importance of taking a deep breath and allowing the bassline to overcome you. Despite this being his first venture into techno music, we can still happily encourage the listener to check out his video for ‘Need Your Attention’, experimental in its own right and shot at the historic Montpellier Opera in France. 

The French producer tells us about the inspiration behind his latest single, “‘Homie’ is the kind of music I enjoy producing the most. It’s all about mixing peaceful and dreamy vibes with powerful and uplifting sensations in a constantly evolving way. This contradictory feeling resonates deep inside in me and I still need to express it through my music. The style is between House music and Electronica and the main theme takes influences from Stephan Bodzin and Vitalic.”

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