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Music producer Linear B announces EP releases for early 2021

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After a standout year in 2020, Linear B will kick off 2021 with another powerful techno EP on his own Rainbow Tipi label.

British artist Linear B is on fire right now having put out a number of forward looking releases on this label in 2020. DVS1, Noncompliant and Truncate all came in with heavy support for his music, which blurs the line between house and techno – it is always dynamic and groove driven, but with a warmth, soul and sense of detail that makes it just as attractive to the head as it is to the heel.

As always the music is deeply personal with plenty of backstories. ‘Acid 18’ opens up and draws on the artists memories of the first time he took LSD at an illegal rave back in 1988. It’s a brilliantly intense track with freaky vocals, bright acid lines squealing about the mix and jacking drums. ‘Dancing on the Floor’ is inspired by a club night with three different rooms with DJs all playing a similar sound, but is about how Linear B prefers to mix up a variety of styles in his sets. It’s a more stripped back and spooky techno roller with ghoulish vocals and sleek metal hits over a marching beat.

The tunnelling ‘Gift of Danann’ is a fresh take on tribal techno. “I love to watch people express themselves through dance moves, especially the German techno warriors”. Built on a sleek and linear drum line the track races forwards with high pressure hits never letting up and sonar pulses adding a sense of movement .‘No CTRL’ is about the killing of George Floyd. “I didn’t watch the video, I couldn’t, I was really angry and upset. The words came 1st and the music wrapped around that”. Dark, heavy drums and searching synth blips survey a desolate landscape and keep you locked in the thrilling moment. Last of all, ’Tidy Up’ is Linear B trying different vocal sounds and stepping out of the timing restraints, inspired by watching a documentary about Milford Graves. It’s a moving track both physically and emotionally with electrified synth sounds and paranoia in the pads while the cavernous and atmospheric groove powers on.

This is another rich EP of characterful and effective techno from Linear B.


1. Acid 18

2. Dancing on the floor

3. Gift of Danann

4. No Ctrl

5. Tidy up

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