Tale Of Us, Anyma, Solomun
Tale Of Us and Solomun

Anyma shares melodic techno song with producer  Chris Avantgarde

Pioneering musical concept Anyma, the brainchild of Tale Of Us’ Matteo Milleri, has joined forces with multi-talented artist Chris Avantgarde on new single ‘Consciousness’, out now.

Steeped in emotion and majestically refined, Consciousnesscombines euphoric arpeggios with sleek synths and rousing, robotic vocals. It follows ‘Angel 1’, Anyma’s recent collaborative single with Innellea.

“‘Consciousness’ came about as Chris and I’s musical interpolation to connect the real and virtual world,” Anyma explains. “Our sonic bridge between web3 and web2. The future and the past.”

Consciousness is being released and tokenised via Anyma’s newly formed DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), known as EVA DAO. Focused on exploring live visual experiences, EVA DAO expands on the fabric of blockchain technology through the avenue of music and visual art, with the ultimate purpose being equitable access for creators to publish and sell a new, combined form of music and visual art.

EVA DAO strives for greater artist and collective community ownership and aims to improve the way artists finance and share their work. EVA DAO’s first showcase will be presented in the form of an NFT, “Consciousness”, premiered in Florence, Italy at the prestigious Palazzo Strozzi and its Let’s Get Digital! exhibition. The exhibition opens alongside other web3 visual art from creators such as Beeple, Krista Kim, and Daniel Arsham.

Utilising the immense possibilities of Extended Reality, Anyma creates a universal language all of its own, bringing the artist and the audience closer, while blurring the boundaries between real and surreal. The result is an interactive space that formulates itself as a journey of discovery, understanding human expressivity and creativity through the analysis of souls and emotions.

Classical and jazz-trained multi-instrumentalist, Chris Avantgarde has previously released on Afterlife following last year’s remix of ‘A Magic World’ by KAS:ST. Chris’ work as a composer includes placements in hit TV shows and blockbuster movie trailers alike. (DARK, Lucifer, Ragnarok, Sicario 2, Birds of Prey).

A futuristic and innovating collaboration by two pioneering artists in electronic music, ‘Consciousness’ is undeniably one 2022’s most enthralling  productions. 

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