GONE, Ben Bohmer, Jan Blomqvist, and Stephan Bodzin
GONE, Ben Bohmer, Jan Blomqvist, and Stephan Bodzin

GONE releases cosmic ‘Out Of Time’ song

Image credit: Daniel Lima

There’s no time to waste! Close your eyes and take in enigmatic techno producer GONE‘s new song, ‘Out Of Time’, released under Enchanté Records. Inspiring bold action, he evokes a strong sense of urgency that permeates the entire composition. 

Stream / Download: ‘Out of Time’

GONE’s production style is forward-thinking and courageous. He is fearless in his endeavor to reach new heights of tone and timbre. Carefully considered lyrics levitate above an ocean of harmonics, before plunging into their churning waters. Beyond limitations, GONE breaks through to the heavens, opening up a soundscape of synesthetic sensations.

Dabbling in the dark, GONE distills techno down to its essence and adds something magical. What this ingredient is we may never know, but we’re more than happy he added it. His approach is a refreshing splash of cold water; invigorating the head, heart, and toes. ‘Out Of Time’ is a midnight swim amongst ink-swirled stars. 

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