33, Ben Bohmer, Tin Licker
33, Ben Bohmer, Tin Licker

Musician 33 offers new album 33-69

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C.A.N.V.A.S. is proud to announce the release of 33-69, the debut album of 33. 33-69 laments and commemorates the interruption of the simplicities, beauties and charm of mortal life in full Baroque splendour, whilst also partaking in the final opportunities for carnal pleasure and orgiastic excesses in the earthly realm.

Through their collaborative project 33, Billy Bultheel and Alexander Iezzi further consolidate a partnership which has taken many forms within a visual, artistic spectrum. Their practice envelops performance art, music and installation, whilst pinpointing, developing and elaborating the most meaningful and poignant marriages of the disciplines. Their differing backgrounds have informed the way that their long collaboration works – Bultheel with his conservatory training, and Iezzi coming from DIY punk and experimental music scenes.

Their debut album 33-69 paints a tumultuous world within which the 33 collaboration is extended to a number of other presences that pierce the stormy skies to torment, delight and enchant. Amongst them are Ivan Cheng, Steve Katona and Dylan Kerr who appear in grace as the broody clouds part to let in some light. As the light recedes, NAKED haunts amongst the shadows on ‘The Knife’, with an avalanche of metallic noise.

‘Thomas The Obscure’, with Patrick Belaga’s Cello performance, introduces an element of serene, meditative calm before ‘Heaven’s Blade’ cuts through with the ultimate rapturous frenzy. The album ends with ‘Speed and Beer’, a dizzying brass-led anthem which conveys a sense of nausea and confusion, surfacing from the shadows.

Bultheel and Iezzi carry with them a wealth of composition and performance experience and skill, boasting impressive trajectories which cross each other frequently. Now based in Berlin but hailing from Belgium and Arizona respectively, have worked together for the past three years, producing musical performances that explore relationships between movement, sculpture and electronic and classical music. This complex and intricate working relationship culminates in the creation of 33-69 as a defiant debut — a dense and finely crafted work which finds unlikely pathways through which to navigate Baroque, Lieder and exuberant club through humour, dread and exaltation.

33-69 was conceived during the first Covid-19 lockdowns and documents the duo’s experiences of pandemic life in Berlin. Recreating that dopamine shot and collaborating towards a sense of community that the pandemic had suddenly folded away. The record is a short but powerful rush of emotional states and bodily desires, translated into cerebral and carnal electronic compositions of EDM, noise and techno.


1. 369 (Ivan Cheng)

2. Fireworks

3. Sexus (Steve Katona)

4. The Knife (NAKED)

5. Pigeons

6. Sirens

7. Thomas The Obscure (Patrick Belaga)

8. Heaven‘s Blade

9. Speed and Beer

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