Ruskin reinvests in himself in latest solo EP

James Ruskin, co-founder of Blueprint Records, will release his first solo EP in five years later this month, ‘Reality Broadcast Off’. This is taking a step away from his usual pairing with Karl O’Connor, aka Regis for O/V/R. Ruskin also works alongside Mark Broom for The Fear Ratio and Richard Poison for Void.

Ruskin was born in 1972, Croydon, UK. He’s been producing music since the 90’s with the years making way to his incredible sound. The techno produer set himself apart from his fellow musicians with his unique hard and remorseless sound from the start, which may be why he was able to last in the industry for so long. However, he chose to move forward with collaborations, which eventually led to the founding of ‘Blueprint Records’.

Blueprint will release ‘Reality Broadcast Off’ on July 19th, 2019. Ruskin is also scheduled for  Prague this weekend, Saturday 13th, at PVA Expo Prah.


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