UMEK, Charlotte De Witte, DJ Rush, Adam Beyer
UMEK, Charlotte De Witte, DJ Rush, Adam Beyer

Drumcode record label owner Adam Beyer & DJ Rush collaborate

Adam Beyer invites the legendary DJ Rush to make his Drumcode debut, as the pair link for a special maiden collaboration, ‘Restore My Soul’.

The DC boss holds a deep respect for the iconic Chicago artist, the relationship stretching back 25+ years to their time touring the German techno circuit in the 90s. The title track builds dramatic tension via elastic synths that oscillate alongside Rush’s vocal, taking things to heady levels. ‘Control’ is a thick wedge of industrial-edged rhythms, with Rush’s famous vocal providing a commanding presence throughout. ‘Take Me There’ is stirring in composition, transitioning from crushing percussive loops to deep techno funk, before working towards a teased out crescendo as Rush’s hypnotic refrain echoes in the air. A deliciously pumping DJ Rush remix of ‘Restore My Soul’ rounds out the package.

It gives me such pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Adam Beyer. His earlier music influenced my style back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Even today I can drop an old Drumcode track and it has a big impact on the dancefloor. Adam and I have the same passion for music, so this guided us together and we turned out a fierce EP. The best reward for collaborating with Adam will be to see people happy and able to dance together again to our sound.” — DJ Rush

Rush is a legend and icon of the techno scene and his music in the 90s / 00s was pretty inspirational for me. I always admired his unique DJ style too. He’s also a really cool guy with a great energy about him, so it was a pleasure to collaborate with him on this EP. This is a powerful EP with four distinctly different flavours that I think all Drumcode fans are going to love. I just hope we have the chance to play them out live as soon as humanly possible.” — Adam Beyer

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